Writing Paper

One of the obstacles to get over in college is writing papers. In many classes, from science to psychology to literature writing a paper is required. This is what stumps a lot of students since writing at a collegiate academic level isn’t easy.There are guidelines to follow, and few grammatical and spelling errors are allowed. For natural born writers it can be a breeze, but for students who have trouble even writing an email it can be quite a challenge. Most students are in need of some essay help. Here are some tips for writing paper that you can use in your essays.

Create an Outline

If you have a research paper, compare and contrast essay or an argumentative essay among the other types of papers, it is crucial to organize your ideas beforehand. The strength in these types of papers really relies on how you lay out your thoughts throughout the essay. A poorly organized essay will be disjointed and get a low grade. For research papers, organize the paper by paragraph and what will go in each paragraph. Make sure the thoughts expressed all connect into each other, as well as the paragraphs. For a compare and contrast essay, write out the differences and similarities of the subjects you are comparing, then organize them into a cohesive manner for your essay. For an argumentative essay, figure out what your thesis will be, then organize the information to back it up. With a good outline, writing your essay will be that much simpler.

Follow MLA and APA Guidelines: Avoid Informal Language

Depending on the class, writing a paper will require citations in the MLA or APA formats. You can refer to the guides for each or look them up online. A properly formatted and cited paper is much more likely to get a good grade. Make sure to cite all of your sources and any quotes or information in the paper that isn’t your own writing. Also, in accordance with these formats, avoid any informal phrasing and slang. With academic quality papers, that type of language is usually frowned down upon. Save it for your creative writing class or personal writing.

Write in Advance

This is something that many students fail to do. Many students choose to wait until the night before to do their essays, and it shows in the final product and ultimately the grade. By starting your essays and papers much before the due date, you are giving yourself the chance to properly outline, research (if needed) and write the paper at your own pace. If you wait until the last minute you may make many errors in a rush to finish it, and you may settle for subpar sources for your research. A good paper is one that has been done in a reasonable amount of time.


Revising is also another step that many students forget. They think that writing the paper is enough and don’t edit their own work. Make sure to re-read your paper after you are done writing it. Have a friend or classmate look over your work as well. Some professors even offer to look over their students’ papers before they are due. If your professor offers essay help, definitely accept it!