Essay Help

It is 2am and you are Googling, “help me write my essay.” Don’t worry. There is hope.

College essays can stump even the most proficient writer. There’s no need to suffer through writing that ten page term paper on your own. There are many ways in which you can seek out essay help to get you through it. With the extra help, you can improve your essay and your writing skills over all. Most students who seek outside help with their work tend to get higher grades and become better writers as a result. Here are some ways to get essay help.


Tutors are a great way to get help with your essay. It is their job to work closely with students and produce the best paper possible. You will most likely find tutors on your campus in various departments. You may have to make appointments beforehand so make sure to look into that. Many students see a tutor to either get help with a paper they are writing or to revise a paper that they received a low grade on. Some students even see a tutor when they haven’t written anything at all. The tutor will help you with a variety of things, including grammatical, spelling and syntax errors in the paper, formatting the paper properly according to the subject, and even with researching, brainstorming, and pre-writing. If you have an essay already written and need help strengthening it, visit a tutor to get aid with that. To get assistance researching and pre-writing, see a tutor for that as well. You can get essay help from a tutor at any point in the writing process. If there are no tutors available on campus, then look up any available tutors in your area, or ask a friend or classmate that you know gets very high grades on their papers.

Teachers and Professors

Many professors are open to helping their students during office hours or outside of class. Speak with your professor and see if they are open to seeing students after class. Most professors are perfectly fine with doing this. If there are any questions you have about the essay, feel free to ask. Your professor may also help with pre-writing and research. You can also bring an already written essay to your professor before its due date and have them look over it. Otherwise, you can just consult your professor for any other questions you have. If the professor for that particular class isn’t available, consider asking the head of the department or another professor that you are friendly with.

Buy an Essay

This one is a slightly more controversial option. If you really have no idea how to write the essay at all or are on a tight deadline, then you can always have an essay written for you at a price. Look up any of the many writing services websites that offer writing services for a fee. A paid writer will write the essay for you on whatever subject and length that you want. Keep in mind that this runs a high risk for harsh punishment. Use this advice at your own digression.